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The McGahan Lees Irish Dance Academy is proud to present an exciting new event for this summer that we would strongly encourage all of our students, at any age or level, to attend.


Our Bootcamp will incorporate everything our students will ever need to learn to improve their Irish dance skills. It will give them a huge amount of perspective when it comes to music, flexibility, strength, psychology, make-up skills for competition, show dancing and much much more. It will also allow students to take new skills home and into their dance classes to practice, which will keep them improving even after the day is over. The day will be split on an age/ability basis, with each specific activity designed to suit each group, and with the emphasis on learning in a fun-filled and relaxed atmosphere.

[Download a PDF flyer from the link below.]

The Bootcamp will be held from 9am to 5pm on Sunday 1st September at the Masters Performing Arts College, off the A127 Arterial Road in Rayleigh, Essex.

The fee for the entire day is £60 in either cash or cheque to be made out to the ‘Friends of McGahan Lees’. This can be as a one-off payment or split payments of £30 in July & £30 in August.


• Music

• Fitness

• Yoga

• Well-being

• Nutrition

• Step drills

• Ceili (group dancing)

• Sports psychology

• Performance

• Stage appearance

• Competitions

• Show dancing

• Make-up



We are excited to have the highly acclaimed Sean O’Brien with us for the whole day to demonstrate, and teach, the students everything they need to know about Irish music. He is currently one of the world’s leading exponents of Irish dance music. Over a 14 year period Sean (a former dancer in ‘Riverdance’) has played at feiseanna across the US, Ireland, the UK, Europe and Australasia and has performed at almost every major championship.


Our students will benefit from two instructors that cover fitness, endurance, flexibility and strength. We will have a fully qualified fitness instructor, Katherine O’Neill, who will be tailoring specific workouts for the students to suit their age and ability. In addition to that, we have a fully qualified yoga instructor, Jodie Merrick.

REELTOTS (Introduction)

This programme is designed to help toddlers with physical skills including coordination, balance and agility used in this dance form. Concentrating on language and physical skills, it is for pre-school aged children using such ideas as nursery rhymes with an Irish music background to enable the children to learn both timing and counting skills.


All of above sessions will be tailored to suit our younger and less experienced dancers, the emphasis being on fun and participation rather than drills and competition. Our yoga and fitness instructors have created and have experience in producing specific programmes for infants and juniors. They too will have their own music class with Sean. Frances will be bringing a new spin on judging in a ‘Britain’s got Talent’ style. We will be finding our own budding ‘Simon Cowells’ who will be judging our older dancers with their red crosses!


Frances McGahan ADCRG – the Academy’s principal teacher and fully qualified adjudicator with many years of experience, who will be hosting an adjudication workshop, giving the dancers an insight into what a judge looks for when judging a local or major championship.

Cecily Charlton TCRG – former World Champion and Leanne Gray TCRG – former All Ireland Champion, having recently attended a wellness seminar, hosted by the University of Limerick, aimed specifically at Irish dancers, will be carrying out workshops on nutrition and well being, which will provide skills for their everyday life.

Debbie McGahan TCRG – a former cast member of ‘Riverdance’ will be running our new ‘REELTOTS’ programme in the morning and then bringing some of these ideas into our younger students day to allow them a fun way of understanding and learning coordination and music.

Isabel Yorke – the newest teacher in the school, will be providing rhythm drills to a basic technique along with ceili (group) dancing for all ages.

Caroline Gray – who has held every title for the Academy including World Champion will be, as current member of ‘Lord of the Dance’, teaching our students how to perform, including show moves and techniques.


This is an opportunity for children of pre-school age to attend a 45 minutes REELTOTS session along with a 15 minute music lesson with Sean O’Brien from 10-11 am. This will be at a cost of £10 per child, adults to accompany them. Each child will receive our new ‘REELTOTS’ T-shirt! This is open to children from outside the Academy – brothers, sisters, friends, relatives.

To book your place please email

[Download a PDF flyer from the link below.]

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